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We are all about fluffy alpaca fleece! The ultra-soft wool donated by our pet alpacas is the perfect material for our needle felted figurines and is making felted soaps a refreshing new experience. Check out our cute alpaca boys and the soft products made from their winter coats! For special requests don't hesitate to contact us.

nemezelt alpaka figurak

The Alpacas

Carl the Alpaca


I’m the oldest and the most handsome.

Hitch the Alpaca


I’m the tallest and notoriously shy.

Monty the Alpaca


I will do anything for some treats.

puha barna alpaka gyapju


The alpaca fleece used for our products is hand cleaned and carded. Unlike sheep wool the soft alpaca fibers are hypoallergenic as they are not covered in lanolin.

carding alpaca fleece
carded alpaca fleece in brown colours
szappan puha barna alpaka nemezben
nemezelt szappanok alpaka gyapjuval


The alpaca felt covering the organic unscented soap will provide a gentle refreshing peeling for your skin. The fine fibers ensure a creamy foam and a better longevity of the bar. 

barna nemezelt szappanok puha alpaka gya


Our figurines made from alpaca fleece are not toys but make for a perfect gift or a treat for all children at heart. For inquiries and special orders don’t hesitate to contact us.

alpakak cukki nemezelt alpaka figuraval
nemezelt lo figura alpaka gyapjuból
nemezelt méhecske alpaka gyapjuval
alpacas with tortoise
alpacas with kids


Our playful pet alpacas are grazing in a calm little village in Slovenia. They are shy but always happy about visitors, especially the little ones.

alpacas eating apples